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Synthophone MIDI sax


A wind controlled instrument that is capable of expressively producing
any sound ever heard and any sound yet to be heard with emphasis on expressively.

The Synthophone is related to the saxophone, invented by Adolph Sax in the 1800’s, but in the process of evolution it has genetically taken a more eso-technological path.

Researchers say they are close to developing technology to “meld” human brain tissue and the Synthophone EPROM to create artificial intelligence for the Synthophone.

Why would a Synthophone want to devolve to artificial intelligence???

The Synthophone is truly a magical instrument.

  Synthophonic: Of or relating to the Synthophone.

Martin Hurni:

Martin Hurni -- Father of the Synthophone


Often falsely referred to as the “inventor” of the Synthophone.

“Father of the Synthophone” is the more correct terminology.

Mr. Hurni has been described in the halls of Berklee College, as
“an excellent saxophonist/musician who not only owns tools – but knows
how to use them."

“Martin," as he is affectionately and reverently referred to by Synthophonists, is 56 years old at the time of this writing.  He lives and works in Berne, Switzerland where it snows in June.


A Synthophone  player - also known as a Synthophonist.  The terms are interchangeable, since ALL Synthophonists are Synthophonatics.  They are actually quite proud of the name!

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