a) "Standard" Altissimo fingerings
The following "standard" altissimo fingerings have been implemented:
(s. also altissimo fingering chart 9.2)
high F (fork fingering in front) & side Bb  high F#
high F bis key (left hand 1st finger only) high G
high F bis key (left hand lst finger only) & side Bb high G#
b) PATCH CHANGE (s. 3.5) can now be used with / without sending a PRESET CHANGE. This allows the use of different SYNTHOPHONE patches with one and the same sound. To avoid sending out a preset change when changing PATCHES:
lift up the left hand middle finger when applying patch change fingerings.
c) Chords in FREEZE mode can now be stored in PATCHES.
Therefore a maximum of 32 parallel chord structures can be stored to memory.

d) "fingered PORTAMENTO", a feature mostly found on FM-synthesizers, can now be used, anytime a sound is programmed to perform that way. Fingered portamento generates GLISSANDI between legato notes, but regular step movement when playing staccato!