There are 32 PATCHES available from the built in memory. Each patch contains a COMPLETE configuration and can be recalled anytime, even after months of power down. When stepping up or down in PATCH numbers, the corresponding patches are immediately available.
- G, A, B & F#-trill and press Eb (*) PATCH number + 1
- G, A, B & F#-trill and press C (*) PATCH number - 1
- G, A, B & F#-trill and press Eb/C Reset to PATCH #1
(*) Sustained pressure of these fingerings will cause the PATCH counter to "scroll' forward or backward in a rapid change of PATCHES.
The panic function does not affect any of the information stored in memory.
M U S I C A L   A P P L I C A T I O N S 
- PATCHES are very practical on stage where you don't want to worry about individual settings for a particular sound.
- Simply recall that PATCH you had previously established and play.
- Remember, that even the tuning Eb, Bb, C, the MIDI channel and your harmony applications can be saved and recalled with one simple fingering.