Your lip pressure can be applied for "switching"  on / off
certain performance qualities, using the fingerings below:

low F & palm F & Eb to next higher level
low F & palm F and press C to next lower level
low F & palm F and press Eb/C back to level 1
level 0 OFF (no switching function)
level 1 Play on either of 2 MIDI channels through change of your lip pressure.
(loose lip --- > basic channel / tight lip --- > basic channel +1) Switch back and forth between a clarinet and a flute sound with your lip! Naturally these sounds will have to be selected first (*) and your synthesizer set to MULTI mode.
level 2 Identical with level 1, but now Note Offs will NOT occur, when playing legato WHILE switching channels with your lip. This will allow for TRUE OBLIGATO two voice playing.
Level 3 SUSTAIN (works like a foot switch on a piano)
Level 4 PORTAMENTO (generates glissandi, if the sound is programmed for that)
Level 5  FREEZE (last chord played becomes to be a parallel structure, as long as high lip pressure is applied)
The panic function resets to level 0 (= OFF).
(*) in levels 1 & 2 you can select sounds separately for both MIDI channels:
select sound on LOWER channel: preset selection (s.3.3) WITHOUT octave key
select sound on UPPER channel: preset selection (s.3.3) WITH octave key
M U S I C A L   A P P L I C A T I O N S 
- Levels 1 & 2 are made to play DUOs on one single instrument.
- Since you can combine this switching function with all DYNAMIC HARMONY features, chords on one channel could be opposed to single voice on the other, etc. . .
Just experiment with it!