128 Presets can be selected directly from the instrument.
-hold F#-trill and press Eb (*) increase preset number
-hold F#-trill and press C (*) decrease preset number
-hold F#-trill and press Eb/C reset to preset #1
(*) Sustained pressure on these fingerings will cause the preset counter to 'scroll' forward or backward in a rapid change of presets.
The selected PRESET can be stored into memory (s.3.6) along with its PATCH configuration.
The panic function does not change the selected PRESET number.
M U S I C A L   A P P L I C A T I O N S 
- Some drastic sound changes can be achieved through simply changing presets.
- Programming very closely related sounds in a series of memory locations will give you "one" instrument, but with timbre nuances, different ranges, and other performance characteristics.