Please fill in your warranty card now and send it to:
Munstergasse 52
CH-3011 BERN, Switzerland
phone (int.+41) 31 311 28 20
fax (int.+41) 31 751 15 48
email: softwind@swissonline.ch
internet : www.softwind.com
You will receive our upcoming software updates only if your warranty card has been completed and returned to our company.  You may also fill in and send your altissimo fingering tables along with your warranty card (s. 9.2).
In case of technical trouble, please refer to the TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE (chapter 8) first.  Only if this does not help to solve your problem, call us or write to our customer service at the address above.  Do NOT send in your instrument for repair before getting our confirmation by phone or letter.  For further details see the warranty card.

SOFTWIND INSTRUMENTS will try to answer all questions concerning the SYNTHOPHONE. - One of our company's goals is to stay in close contact to out individual customers and to learn through their experiences.  Please do not hesitate to call us and let us know your opinion about the features of this new instrument.  It could well be, that one of your suggestions will show up in a future software update . . .