Synthophone Thumb-X-press The Thumb-X-press is a specially developed sensor mounted to the
left of the right-thumb hook
on the Synthophone.  This device opens a whole new dimension of control over sound.  At the touch of your right-hand thumb, the highly dynamic pressure sensor becomes a
multi-functional controller.

There are eight settings for the Thumb-X-press. By holding down the
"Palm F"
and the "right-hand middle E" key, you can use the
"Right-pinky-Eb and
" keys to toggle the setting up and down.
"Right-pinky-Eb" toggles UP and "Right-pinky-C" toggles DOWN.

Level 0 Off this is a good starting point.  OFF is activated by pressing the
Level 1 Octave Key touching the membrane will cause the notes to play an octave higher.
They will return to normal octave when the thumb pressure is released.
Level 2 Pitch Bend (DOWN) Right thumb bends the pitch DOWN.   << New EPROMV4.5 Function >>
Level 3 Pitch Bend (UP) Right thumb bends the pitch bend UP.
Level 4 Aftertouch Applying pressure sends Aftertouch data.  It can be used simultaneously
with wind pressure that may also be assigned to generate Aftertouch
Level 5 Number of Voices in Chords More pressure adds more voices to your chords.   Zero pressure equals unison, with gradual increasing pressure bringing in extra voices as needed.
Level 6 Lower/Upper MIDI Channel Applying pressure instantly reassigns your performance to the next higher MIDI channel. releasing returns you to your original channel.
Level 7 bII-Substitute Chords When pressed a bII substitute chord is played allowing chromatic "escapes" from the momentary key the harmony is in.
Level 8 Freeze Harmony Will capture the last chord played and cause it to move in parallel motion.  Once released, the chords will return to the original diatonic structures.
Level 9 Sustain On/Off Acts as a sustain pedal.   Can be turned on/off by applying/releasing pressure.

Feel free to explore the Synthophone Manual for more in depth info.


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