Ask a local technician to do this for you, if you are uncertain about these things.
In order to replace EPROM chips take the following steps:



2. Remove the cover with the corresponding screwdriver supplied. 

3. Pull out the processor board by approximately 3 inches.

4. With the flat screwdriver or chip puller, lift (alternating from both sides) the old EPROM chip out of its socket (see illustration).  

4. Now observing polarity - there is a notch at one end - carefully insert the new EPROM into the socket.
It is IMPORTANT that all pins go in straight !
5. Carefully move back the processor board back in its original position and close the instrument with its cover.
6. Switch back on, do a full RESET (3.7 Total Memory Reset) and your ready to rock & roll !
The SYNTHOPHONE is designed to grow with future MIDI capabilities.
Periodically there will be software updates, which will be sent to all customers who have returned their warranty cards. Updates within the warranty period are free of charge.