The SYNTHOPHONE is a powerful MIDI wind controller for sax players. The sounds of this expressive instrument however depend on the programming of your synthesizers. When referring to the MIDI implementation chart in this manual, you will see that for the most part, things look very similar to keyboard data. The special thing about the SYNTHOPHONE though, is the use of the various mouthpiece MIDI controllers. Modulation, breath, volume, aftertouch, pitch bend and velocity are all derived from breath and lip pressure simultaneously, and your MIDI output is musically different from keyboard players, manipulating the MOD- and PITCH-wheels.
Breath and lip pressure are constantly producing highly dynamic and well-coordinated MIDI information. Choosing synthesizers which are sensitive to these controls will insure the most "wind instrumental" results.
Therefore, you may want to check your synthesizer manuals for this information:
- How flexible is the use of modulation, breath and aftertouch for shaping a sound?
- Does your synthesizer respond well to MIDI volume?
- Is the pitch bend range programmable?
- Can individual synthesizer voices be freely edited, layered etc.?

The details above are valuable but not essential for playing your gear with the SYNTHOPHONE.