The SYNTHOPHONE is capable of playing each voice of a chord on a different MIDI channel. This is of interest if your synthesizer can be set to MULTI mode, or when working with notation programs on computers, where your entry of harmonized passages can be printed out on paper. Since all voices in MULTI mode are arranged on separate MIDI channels, it may be easier to separate them onto individual staves of your score.
low D, E, high F & C POLY mode
low D, E, high F, & Eb MULTI mode
In POLY mode, all notes of a chord are output on the same MIDI channel
In MULTI mode, chord notes are output on consecutive MIDI channels, as illustrated in the following example:
1st voice on the selected channel (flute)
2nd voice on the selected channel + 1 (clarinet)
3rd voice on the selected channel + 2 (oboe)
4th voice on the selected channel + 3 (bassoon)
5th voice on the selected channel + 4 (French horn)
The panic function resets this function to POLY mode.
M U S I C A L   A P P L I C A T I O N S 
- In MULTI mode the lead voice receives all MIDI controllers like modulation, aftertouch and pitch bend. The lower (harmony) voices only receive note on/off and their respective volume data. It is therefore possible to distinguish the lead voice over the rest of the voices.
Nevertheless POLY mode will be used most frequently.