The following REAL-TIME MESSAGES are useful for remote control of sequencers:
Start (MIDI Code $FA)
Continue (MIDI Code $FB)
Stop (MIDI Code $FC)
There are 2 fingerings that are used in an ON / OFF "toggle switch" manner:
- high D, F & side Bb Start
- high D, F & side Bb again Stop - following start
- high D, F & side C Continue
- high D, F & side C again Stop - following continue
Please note that the CLOCK IN may have to be activated on your sequencer in order to respond to the above messages. See in the manual of your sequencer.
M U S I C A L   A P P L I C A T I O N S 
- With these commands you can play along with a sequencer or MIDI file player, without ever taking your hands off your instrument.