The SYNTHOPHONE can be transposed up or down by
2 OCTAVES from its normal pitch. This, in addition to
TOP/SUB-OCTAVES (s. 3.16) and the THUMB-X-PRESS OCTAVE OPTION (s. 5.1), produces a playing range of
slightly more than 9 OCTAVES.

- side C, D & Eb raise by one OCTAVE
- side C, D & C lower by one OCTAVE
- side C, D & Eb/C reset to middle OCTAVE
level 4 + 2 OCTAVES
level 3 +1 OCTAVES
level 2 middle OCTAVE
level 1 - 1 OCTAVE
level 0 - 2 OCTAVES
The panic function resets transposition to the middle OCTAVE.
M U S I C A L   A P P L I C A T I O N S 
- Try playing your favorite sounds in the extreme ranges, to find some surprisingly interesting results.
- With multi-sampled sounds or with split-keyboard configurations, different sets of sounds or split zones can easily be accessed through manipulation of the OCTAVE settings from the SYNTHOPHONE.
- As with all other parameters, transposition is stored in memory along with the selected patch.