3.10   BREATH CONTROL (cc#02)

Wind pressure can be assigned to BREATH control.
Typically with physical modeling or FM synthesizers,
BREATH can be used to cause interesting timbral changes. Other synthesizers may be programmed to generate
vibrato or tremolo from BREATH control. Still others
simply ignore this MIDI message. Check your
synthesizer manual for most effective use.

- side Bb, D# & Eb increase BREATH level +1
- side Bb, D# & C decrease BREATH level -1
- side Bb, D# & Eb/C reset BREATH to level 0
level 5 full range BREATH control
level 4 1/2 range BREATH control
level 3 1/4 range BREATH control
level 2 1/8 range BREATH control
level 1 1/16 range BREATH control
level 0 no BREATH data

The panic function sets BREATH control to level 5 (full range).
M U S I C A L   A P P L I C A T I O N S 
- If your synthesizer responds to BREATH control with a vibrato, then you may adjust its level for best musical results.
-If your FM synthesizer changes to drastically in timbre, decrease BREATH control or adjust the sensitivity in your synthesizer program in order to produce the best musical result.