The SYNTHOPHONE is reliably built and easy-to-use.  However, the differences in handling it, compared to a regular sax, are very important.  Read the following instructions carefully before assembling your instrument.  Make sure you understand all the procedures before making any connections.  Do not make any adjustment to the function controls before you fully understand them.
Check for the following materials:
- SYNTHOPHONE, including special mouthpiece
- Power supply
- One long and one short MIDI cable
- Spare set containing 3 ready-to-use reeds and 2 screwdrivers
- A neck strap
- Cleaning cloth (protecting the sax neck, while in the case)
Carefully take out your instrument.  The neck is connected to the body with a spiral cable.  Insert the neck into the body as usual, but make sure that the spiral cable is not tangled.
Examine your power supply for the correct voltage setting:
Make sure the power box is unplugged before opening it.
With the flat screwdriver supplied, open the box and set the
110 V / 220 V switch to the position needed.  Make sure the correct voltage selection has been made before plugging it into your outlet.  If a new fuse is needed, replace it with a 200ma type.  Note that both sizes of fuses will be accepted by the built in fuse holder.