What can it do?


All the features of the Synthophone, can be accessed directly from the instrument by using 
special key combinations" that are not like any normal fingerings.


For example, to send a MIDI RESET message  press the side E, C & Bb keys simultaneously.

TRANSPOSE the Synthophone can be transposed instantly to any of three standard tunings:
key of Eb, key of Bb, and key of C.
Program Changes values sent are 1 to 128.
MIDI CHANNEL any of the 16 available MIDI channels may be selected.
There are 32 patches available from the built in memory.
Each patch contains a COMPLETE configuration and can be recalled anytime, even after months of power down. PATCHES are very practical on stage where you don't want to worry about individual settings for a particular sound. Simply recall the PATCH and play. ALL parameters can be stored in a PATCH.
Controllers (CC#) there are 6 levels of control for each type
MODULATION  (cc1) converts the lip pressure applied to the reed into modulation
(like a MOD WHEEL)
BREATH  (cc2) breath control can be used to control volume
VOLUME  (cc7) volume control is for synths that do not respond well to breath messages
AFTERTOUCH can be assigned to blowing & Thumb-X-Press
VELOCITY RANGE 6 levels MIDI attack ranges 
KEY SPEED 5 levels of key response time
PITCH BEND lip pressure can be assigned to control PITCH BEND.
There are 3 types of pitch bend control selectable in 6 sensitivity levels each.
1-Pitch Bend UP guitar like pitch bend action.
2-Symmetrical similar to a keyboard pitch wheel.
3-Pitch Bend DOWN drop off action.
OCTAVE SHIFT the Synthophone can be transposed up or down 2 octaves from its normal pitch.
This will produce a playing range of slightly more than 8 OCTAVES.
TOP-OCTAVE-KEY the "F#-trill-key" can be used as an additional octave-up-key.
SUB-OCTAVE-KEY the right pinky "C-key" can be used as an octave-down-key.
These real-time messages are useful for remote control of sequencers.
HARMONY Dynamic Harmony allows up to 5-part chords.
Sensitive Control Send controller messages with sensors for the lip, your breath & the Thumb-X-Press !

. . . and there's much, much more . . .


Feel free to explore the Synthophone Manual for more detailed information.


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